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Monday, April 4, 2011


I enjoyed taking pictures, although there was a slight problem: It was a really bright and sunny day: And my camera went flat (AND I DIDN'T BRING my extra battery!!), my phone camera did not have a flash!
(What a fail camera)

Before it was bright and sunny, there was a slight pour and the floors/roads were slightly wet. And I wore sports shoes. (I was known for slipping and falling down with that pair of shoes... Sigh.)

I almost fell. D:

I couldn't really go to many places (So I had to go to just one part of Ang Mo Kio), time constain, (And my Mum decided to tag along, even though I did not want to, and she dragged me along to Ang Mo Kio Fairprice Xtra. And she bought fishballs and stuff. -.-'')

I would not allow Mum to tag along. Haha.

I wouldn't want to waste time, ever again. Sigh. :(

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