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Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Travelogue for Tourists and Our Future Generations

The Three Locations I was researching at is:
Ang Mo Kio MRT Station,
Ang Mo Kio Hub (AMKHub)
NTUC Fairprice Xtra (Its in AMKHub lol)

Since the places listed above are like... near each other. There is only one map here~

View Travelogue in a larger map
Please (ZOOM in, because one of the landmarks are blocked off)

Now :Ang Mo Kio Station 
(Whoops blur pictures~ Taking secretly :P)



(The below text is also taken from there)

Now: Ang Mo Kio Hub (AMKHub)
(There's slight backlighting. Oops. What a sunny day~)


It hardly changed. -.-''

AMK Hub was built on the site of the old bus interchange and retail area of Ang Mo Kio that existed until 2002. A temporary bus interchange was later built 500 metres away from its original site to allow the construction of the shopping mall to be carried forth. On 28 April 2007, the bus interchange was moved back into AMK Hub.

Slow Construction Process

The work on the site at that time was draggy, right after the demolition of the retail area and bus interchange, the contractor went bust and the site was left empty. Only after two years of stagnation, work on the site was finally restored, and its newly-assigned contractor, Lum Chang Building, worked on a tight schedule to get it done by end 2006.

[edit]Underpass Cut-Off

During the closure of former Ang Mo Kio Bus Interchange, at the site of present AMK Hub, the underpass gradually closed. It was closed for 4 years since 2003 and has opened following the opening of AMK Hub.

[edit]Name-the-Mall Competition

This competition was launched by the developers in March 2005 as its developers decided to involve the residents in suggesting a suitable name for the retail mall, since the mall will become an integral part of Ang Mo Kio residents' lives. In the end, the name "AMK Hub" which is the short-form of Ang Mo Kio Hub, was chosen.

Now: Fairprice Xtra


(The text below IS also from the above link listed!)

On December 28, 2006, FairPrice opened its largest branch in Singapore, the 7,150-square metre (77,000 square feet) FairPrice Xtra hypermarket, at Ang Mo Kio Hub. The new S$12 million outlet offers a wider range of goods than the typical FairPrice supermarket, and includes new lines like electronic products and fashion wear. [2]

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